Social Responsibility

Balfin Group is committed to promote higher social values and show care for community and environment. We believe that business growth must be accompanied by a parallel community development and social growth culture wherever it operates. Therefore, we always appreciate and take active care of social and environmental policies and application development projects throughout Group network structure.

We aim to make sure that our business activities weigh in as an investment in improving the social employment conditions, infrastructure, health care, education and culture in the communities in which we operate.

In light of modern globalization issues and environmental protection strategies, we consider it a special mission to consider these topics by assessing any potential impact during project implementation.

Balfin Group companies are not limited to providing jobs for local communities in which they operate. but strive to make a positive impact in the lives of families and country.

Our key pillars in social programs are:

  • Environment

  • Education

  • Culture

  • Health

Balfin Group

Balkan Finance Investment Group is one of the largest private investment groups in Albania and region. Group’s investment portfolio can be classified in the activities of real estate development, read more

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Balfin Group is the largest group in Albania.

Over 3.000 people work in our Group companies.
We are present in Albania, Austria, Macedonia, Dubai, Kosovo, more

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Balfin Group represents a reliable and firm partner in all its operating markets. It duly offers an extensive experience and activity in major areas of the economy through proper expertise, read more