We are among the largest employers in the private sector in Albania. We are one of the biggest employers in the private sector in Albania. In Balfin Group companies work over 3000 individuals.

The positioning our group has in the Albanian labor market makes it a very important player and an example to follow.

In our progress strategy, the relationship with employees has a key role because they are the center of the power for the achieved success. Balfin Group employs professionals of different fields mixed their experience, professionalism and power to face efficiently every challenge. Every employee in our group is a significant capital to which the company invests in order for him to receive development and support needed to achieve the performance and achievement of personal career objectives.

Balfin Group brings together experts in various fields by combining so the experience, professionalism and energy to respond to any challenge. Challenge and commitment are words that guide employees now on the road to personal success but also the success of the businesses where they belong.

Balfin Group

Balkan Finance Investment Group is one of the largest private investment groups in Albania and region. Group’s investment portfolio can be classified in the activities of real estate development, read more

Facts and Figures

Balfin Group is the largest group in Albania.

Over 3.000 people work in our Group companies.
We are present in Albania, Austria, Macedonia, Dubai, Kosovo, more

Your Partner

Balfin Group represents a reliable and firm partner in all its operating markets. It duly offers an extensive experience and activity in major areas of the economy through proper expertise, read more