Green Coast, part of Balfin Group - the official sponsor of the 9th FAI World Precision Parachuting Championship

Green Coast, as a supporter and promoter of tourism in our country, was the official sponsor of the 9th World Precision Parachuting Championship, held in Vlora on 5-13 May. Over 200 parachutists, judges and Team Leader from 28 countries around the world participated in this giant competition. Massive participation, the highest ever recorded in the precision races, was also praised by FAI International President, Mr. Frits Brink.
The race full of excitement and anxiety accompanied the championship throughout its days, as well as numerous events took place such as concerts, visits to historic sites, climbing on the mountain, parade with traditional dress, performances from Circus of Tirana and Circo Nero from Florence, Italy, The Albanian Federation of Taekwondo and others. Free flights from Llogara to Green Coast created a magical atmosphere and completed the wonderful Palasa panorama.

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DownTown Albania (DTA) – The most magnificent and modern project by the Balfin Group and the Kastrati Group comes in Tirana

The National territorial council on April 14, 2017 has approved the development license of the multifunctional building DTA - DownTown Albania. DTA is a special building with an investment value of 75 million euros. The building will be located on boulevard Bajram Curri, near ETC in Tirana.

This project is a joint venture of Balfin Group, the largest and most innovative investment group in Albania and one of the largest in the region, and Kastrati Group, the country's largest fuel company and with investments in the fields of construction, insurance etc. DownTown Albania aims beyond of just developing an ambitious project, but also becoming an attraction for Tirana, as well as becoming a positive development for Albanian tourism. The project is conceived and designed with a unique architectural style as for this purpose one of the most innovative and best-of-breed studios in the world, Rotterdam-based MVRDV, has been acquired. 

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“Your Business Idea” – Start Up 2017

Balfin Group is the largest investment group in Albania and one of the largest in the Balkans. Its’ investment Portfolio can be divided into real estate development and management, retail, shopping malls, services, telecommunication, tourism, consumer financing, mining, agriculture, energy etc. Balfin Group is the main player on the Albanian markets and internationally being present with its activity beyond Albanian borders in Austria, Macedonia, Kosovo, Greece, Italy, Bosnia- Herzegovina, Dubai and USA.
Balfin has build a reputation of being very innovative and the most active due to the successful investments that have transformed and revolutionized not only the market but also consumer behaviour.  

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KidZone, opens first shop JUMBO in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Balfin Group expands the investments borders in the Balkans

The Balfin Group expands the investment boundaries in the Balkans
On May 4th 2017, took place the inauguration ceremony of JUMBO's first store in Bosnia, under the name of KidZone. All the citizens of Sarejevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, had the opportunity to be introduced to the variety of products that Jumbo offers for them, as well as enjoy and celebrate this new store opening. 

The event was officiated by Sarajevo's Mayor, Mr. Abdulah Skaka and the CEO of KidZone, Mr. Tojan Papajorgji.

Mr. Skaka expressed the appreciation for this investment as an Albanian investment, stressing that Sarajevo is a city that welcomes foreign investments.

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