Balfin Group continues long term cooperation and signs an agreement with "Fundjava Ndryshe" foundation to support families in need

Balfin Group and The Foundation "Fundjava Ndryshe" have signed today a cooperation agreement. Through the Balfin Fund, raised under the auspices of Mr. Mane, President of Balfin Group, this agreement aims to help families in need to improve the living conditions, providing a scholarship to TBU and returning values and importance of having an active life to this category of Albanian society, for families that will be identified and referred by "Fundjava Ndryshe". The agreement was signed today by the President of the Balfin Group, Mr. Samir Mane, and the director of the Foundation Mr. Arbër Hajdari.

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JUMBO opens a new store in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Balfin Group expands the investment boundaries in the Balkans

On 1st of December 2017, JUMBO opened the second shop in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the very first in Banja Luka area, exceeding the limits again after the massive success of the new store opened in Sarajevo on 4th May of this year.

The citizens of Banja Luka had the opportunity to be introduced with a huge variety of products that Jumbo already offers to them and to celebrate and enjoy the new store opening.

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Balfin Group helps the family in extreme poverty

The history of the extreme poverty of Bicaku family in the village of Thanasaj in Lushnja, shocked and touched the entire audience during the broadcast of the reportage in "Opinion" show.
Due to health problems, none of the members of this family have been assessed as capable of working, and the food and other basic needs they have are provided with minimal income from assistance. Every day is a real struggle for survival and the situation becomes harder.

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SPAR says you "Tungjatjeta," for a childhood full of dignity!

World Vision started from July the "Tungjatjeta" social program, which is fully supported by Balfin Group as one of the strategic partners. "Tungjatjeta" offers visits and services for children with disabilities, in the remote areas of the country, in their apartments. “Tungjatjeta” through the mobile unit offers consultations also for legal guardians, family members and community members where the child lives.

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