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Balfin Group is the winner of the Philanthropy Award 2016

Balfin Group is the recipient of the Philanthropy Award 2016 by Partners Albania. This award is given for the wide contribution to the improvement of the quality of life of individuals and communities, the support to the innovative ideas of young entrepreneurs, the special attention towards institutions and organizations that provide services for children with Down syndrome, people with autistic spectrum disorders, the elderly and persons with terminal illnesses, as well as the awareness about environmental protection.

The award was received by Ms.Edlira Muka, CEO of Balfin Group, who on behalf of Mr.Samir Mane, President of Balfin Group, thanked all the participants and presented them with the fact that Balfin Group is not only a business but is also a major contributor towards social responsibility.
The award was presented by Mrs. Valentina Leskaj, Vice Chair of Albanian Parliament.

This festive ceremony was attended by a large number of guests from the Albanian government and members of Albanian Parliament, representatives of diplomatic corps accredited in Albania, international institutions and donor agencies, representatives of the business sector, nonprofit organizations and media.

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