Balfin Group is continually in a process of growth, in terms of operations and geographically. Currently Balfin Group is active in Albania, Austria, Macedonia, Dubai, Kosovo, Greece, Bosnia Herzegovina, Italy and USA. The Group manages activities such as real estate development, retail, design and construction of residential buildings, providing the necessary logistics and services to businesses, development of retail networks, mineral industry, telecommunication, consumers financing and consumer loyalty programs.

Balfin Group activities can be grouped in the following divisions:
Real Estate; Retail; Mineral Industry; Services; Investments; Tourism; Energy; Agriculture

Balfin Group has employed over 3’000 people from all the countries where the Group is present.

Balfin Group

Balkan Finance Investment Group is one of the largest private investment groups in Albania and region. Group’s investment portfolio can be classified in the activities of real estate development, read more

Facts and Figures

Balfin Group is the largest group in Albania.

Over 3.000 people work in our Group companies.
We are present in Albania, Austria, Macedonia, Dubai, Kosovo, Greece...read more

Your Partner

Balfin Group represents a reliable and firm partner in all its operating markets. It duly offers an extensive experience and activity in major areas of the economy through proper expertise, read more