August 30, 2018
13 years of experience and international awards, here is how Fashion Group Albania achieved the top

The Albanian buyers for some time have begun to change the way they think and plan the purchases. They are more attentive and now seek the quality, the diversity, the trend that will differentiate it from others, wear all the well-known brands clothing similar to all European buyers, but also aims to make the purchases at prices tailored to our market.

All this is possible only at the shops and brands under Fashion Group Albania management.

Fashion Group Albania (FGA), a leader in the fashion sector in the Albanian market, started its activity in 2005, when it opened its stores in the only commercial center of that time in Albania, at QTU.

After 13 years, the business of this company has grown and it is already developing its 10 most prestigious international brands in 18 shops, most of which are located in the 2 largest shopping centers in the country, in TEG and QTU, and in the centers of the cities of Tirana and Shkodra.

10 brands and 150 employees, why you should trust FGA

Fashion Group Albania has in its structures 150 employees, of which 30% are part of the company for at least 5 years. This guarantees you a job in a successful company where the policies implementation regarding the staff appraisal and rewards are very important.

Thirteen years of experience have made FGA feel confident and competitive in the market in several ways, starting from the brands that are among the favourites and successes, where the company is leader in several categories, to their diversity. This makes FGA a choice for the whole family, from pregnant women who can find whatever they need in “Prenatal”, to babies and children in Prenatal and Okaidi, or young people, women and men up to their 60s at Mango, Springfield, Cortefiel, Geox, Women’s Secret, Parfois, Carpisa and Goldenpoint.

Fashion Group Albania based on “Franchising”, a business model where one party gives the right to represent and exercise business to another party, has managed to build a successful strategy that defines and ensures the implementation of the same operating policies and market introduction of those who own the brand (the party that gives the right).
This means that FGA brand stores operate with the same procedures, work experience, store types, present the same products and what’s more important for the consumer, pricing, promotion and discount policy that is dictated by the international representative brand .
Fashion Group Albania was the first company to bring this business concept to our country

International prices from Portugal and Spain for the company

FGA’s success has also been confirmed internationally. In fact, this year was the Portuguese accessories brand ‘Parfois’ , which rated among 65 countries for the second consecutive year FGA with the “Best Brand Awareness” award.
“This award is given to the state that has developed the best marketing activity in terms of recognizing the brand in the market where it operates. It was an event with the topic #Herself, a global event from Parfois, which was centered on the female as an individual with her life’s challenges and successes, for which Fashion Group Albania was valued for the organization and the best eyewear that the brand took “ – says Ornela Kastrioti, the company’s marketing manager.

Also at the convention held at the end of July in Madrid (Spain), Fashion Group Albania was awarded the “Franchise New Partner Recognition” for the Women’Secret brand from the TENDAM Group, previously known as the Cortefiel Group, and one of the leading groups in Europe in the field of fashion and retail.

Development in the near future

Concerning its closest developments, the company intends to expand with new stores at the QTU Shopping Center, which is expanding on two floors. In this center FGA will re-launch the Mango shop more expanded, but even more complete as there will also be a dedicated male line, Mango Man. Also a third shop will be opened consisting the Italian brand of bags and luggage “Carpisa” and other stores will be brought to this center, such as Okaidi, Geox and Parfois.

“My Fashion Card”, countless benefits for customers

FGA rewards in various forms and constantly its customers. It has worked to create one of the most current customer loyalty programs.
“My Fashion Card” is a multi-card that can be used in all the company’s stores by whole the family.
We can call it a family savings box where all the points accumulated by the purchases of members of My Fashion Card holders can be used for other benefits such as coupons in value, discounts, gifts, offers, personalized activities etc.

With “My Fashion Card” the benefits are collected fast and easy because of the fact that it is used in 18 sales units from all family members and the conditions for the points usage are at affordable levels with very few purchases.

Since we are still in the summer season, FGA representatives suggest that you definitely go to the newest store, Women’Secret that you can find in TEG, but also in other stores like Mango, Carpisa, Parfois etc, since at present at all stores the first items of the Autumn Collection 2018 have already arrived. While at the Spring-Summer collection, there are up to 70% discounts.

But how to avoid purchasing fake items? Here’s the suggestion of FGA experts

“Perhaps we should start from what is most easily accessible and that ensures authenticity, such as purchasing only in brand’s partner stores. Avoid shopping on the street or in stores not identified with it. Another way is to control the article on the official web site where it’s enough to place the item code that you see in the search bar on the official site and make sure of the authenticity and we will get any information we want for the item in words, “ –said Eva Kallavaresi, executive director of the company.