September 27, 2018
27 youth towards employment as metallurgists, AlbChrome finances the vocational high school of Elbasan

AlbChrome in cooperation with the USAID “Planning & Local Governance Project”, has started their supporting for the year 2018 to the “Ali Myftiu” vocational high school in the city of Elbasan.

27 students of the third year of mechanical branch are encouraged to follow the foundry-metallurgy profile within this school and are already registered, in what is expected to be a very beneficial profile for them in the city where they live and the surrounding areas.

In fact, for students coming from the outskirts of Elbasan, road transport will be covered by AlbChrome itself.

Students will have special uniforms and professors dedicated to their preparation, which will be paid specially by this ambitious project.

For this purpose, on 17 September, the agreement between the above subjects and the vocational school was signed.

In addition to the theoretical side, students will be able to attend twice a week a teaching practice at the metallurgy foundry in Elbasan, where chromium came from Bulqiza is melted.

Students will be carefully followed by special engineers and among the most skilled in the country so that their training is as professional as possible.

All of this care is intended, that the trained students have a sure employment in Elbasan, precisely in the foundry managed by AlbChrome.

Such support is not new to this company. In fact, a few months ago, the vocational high school of Bulqiza successfully completed the cycle of studies, the first in Bulqiza town with a geology-mine profile, which was strongly supported by Albchrome. A good part of the students, after completing the studies, have immediately started working in their city and those who will show more quality, value and at the same time desire for work will have the opportunity to be employed to this company. While those who intend to have leadership profiles and want to pursue higher education at profile branches, will be supported with scholarships to continue these studies in Tirana.

AlbChrome is part of Balfin Group.