May 31, 2019
5 years of Tirana Logistic Park / The Leading Logistic Park in Albania, here are the modern services offered

Logistics companies in Albania are evolving but this progress does come with its own challenges and needs the focus of relevant institutions related to this industry to determine a better development strategy and to adopt regional practices in providing flexibility.

Tirana Logistic Park is the first of its kind in Albania, established 5 years ago, specializing in the Development and the Management of first-class logistical properties, providing facilities capable of reaching the best international standards according to storage and production.

There is a growing demand for “track and trace”, faster and more flexible logistics services. Distribution and logistics management solutions continue to evolve, making supply chain leaders embrace the best option and move their business to the customized building that meet and exceed their customers’ expectations and improve their position in the market. The biggest challenge of logistics in the Albanian market is the abundance of level A warehouses, the insufficient number of trained specialists, and the need for more innovation and technological advancements.

Tirana Logistic Park guarantees all of the above, because while developing new properties, its dedicated and experienced teams work closely with customers to ensure the desired design and layout to the warehouse. It offers quality “Build-to-Suit” developments, designed to the smallest details for the manufacturers.

TLP holds a strategic position, being located near the Durres city port, Rinas Airport and close to the railway connection, with easy access to the main highway networks. Its building offers a long-term home for any business that intends to expand. As the owner of industrial property in Albania, TLP provides more space for its customers, providing a home to business clients along with a network of communities.

Our customers are at the core of our business. We work every day to get familiar with our customers at all levels in order to clearly understand their specific needs and their business models. Ensure that they receive high-quality items and personalized service levels that each customer expects. As a result, we enjoy long and fruitful relationships with our customers. By managing our properties, we control the most important processes thus allowing us to provide first-class logistics convenience to our customers. This includes: Property Management and Maintenance; Negotiating about effective and favorable insurance cost; Maintaining sprinkling and security systems; Management of power stations and polluted waters; Keeping the premises clean and in order, etc. If you have any question, we are there to answer it. If you have any problems, we are there to fix it. We always go in extra miles to care about our customers “- said TLP representatives.

Milsped Albania, which is the operators for TLP, starting from January 2019 came up with an enhanced transport fleet to respond to the growing needs of Albanian customers about making or receiving orders from abroad.

Customized solutions to the supply chain for our customers

TLP provides a level of support based on priorities and has all the tactical and strategic capacities to deliver solutions from the bottom to the enterprise level.The company implements a strategy that meets all the requirements, starting from administration up to the execution of various actions inside and outside warehouse.

Here are some of the services that differentiate TLP from others:

Multi-client Warehouse

TLP is a regional leader for storage and logistics services. Thanks to the public storage service, it offers its customers the advantage of Milsped’s experience with the flexibility to manage seasonal peaks or even temporary storage, as its customs warehousing structures are strategically positioned and offer a range of services such as:

  • “Cross-docking”, or on moment preparation. The product is downloaded and within the day gets prepared for its respective destination.
  • “Trans-loading” – load at moment ready for transport. This stage involves loading of the to be transported products, so products that pass the “cross docking” stage are ready to load up and transport.
  • “Freight consolidation” – Grouping goods from some clients to send them as a single load.
  • “Hi-cube racking and floor stacking” – Vertical storage and on ground storage.
  • Performance report
  • “Pick ‘n pack” – Prepare and package.
  • Receive 24 hours a day / Within-day shipment

TLP offers clean, secure and easily accessible storage solutions tailored specifically to meet timely and high-quality requirements for all companies.

Cleanness: The warehouses for operators are extremely clean, where also structure for food goods is not lacking.

Safety: Warehouses have anti-fire alarm systems and monitoring from the central station. For transit goods, it is offered visibility to the load in order to monitor movements and to guarantee the safe delivery. Warehouses have perimeter walls and are guarded 24/7 and other additional measures are also taken to reduce the risk of theft.

Accessibility: The TLP provides everything that a storage space needs, providing the flexibility needed to withstand seasonal peaks and changes in demand. On the other hand, it offers a global sales point that transfers your goods wherever it is needed.

High-Tech: The company uses the latest technology in moving materials so that they are always safe.