July 5, 2018
7 reasons why now it is the right time to buy a property in the most elite resort in Albania!

Blessed with the blue sea, greenery of nature, rich flora and fauna, Palasa is considered as one of the Albanian Riviera pearls, not only from the local media but also from the international ones.
With a history from Julius Caesar’s time, the area inherits hospitality, generosity, typical Mediterranean cuisine as precious values of Albania. For more than two years, the Green Coast Resort, the largest resort in Albania and one of the biggest in the Balkan, is being built in this area, the first phase of which ends this year. The Green Coast resort is made up of three sections: the residential part of the resort (with villas and apartments for sale), the seaside promenade which will function as a entertainment and business center and a 5 star hotel, which will be one of the most famous international brand.

But is it now the ideal time to buy a villa or apartment on the Green Coast Resort in Palasa?

Undoubtedly yes! Here are 7 essential reasons…

1. Strategic Location
Green Coast Resort’s location in Palasa is one of the advantages of this project, as it is easily accessible not only from Albania but also from the region and neighboring countries., Vlora, the closest city to Palasa, in addition to its naval port, will soon have an international airport that will facilitate the access. Also, major works on road infrastructure that have already been approved by the government will significantly shorten the distance between Palasa and other cities of the country. The location of the resort provides opportunities to visit the natural beauty of the area, nearby historical and cultural attractions as well as to become part of various sporting activities such as sailing, diving, rafting, parachuting or exploring the underwater world.

2. High quality of construction
Great importance is given to high quality construction, conforming to European models and standards. For resort designing: Tombasiz, Greek Architectural Studio and Iraci Architetti, Italian studios, which have developed projects all over the world and bring to Green Coast their best international experience. In its final form, the resort will have many green spaces in function of residents and visitors, using the characteristic vegetation of the area.

On the other hand, a major advantage for the resort is the large state investments being made for the development of the area and the improvement of infrastructure, such as: 24 hour electricity supply, drinking water filtration system, sewage treatment plant, which aims to return them to water for irrigation through a German project of the latest technology.

3. Safe investment
Green Coast Resort is being built by Balfin Group, the largest investment group not only in Albania but one of the most powerful and most serious groups in the Balkan region, a fact which guarantees that buying a villa or apartment in Green Coast is a safe investment. Green Coast is the largest and most important project of the group, with an investment value of about 100,000,000 Euros

4. Prices grow year after year
Based on the many years of the group’s experience in the field of real estate and tourism, there is an increase in prices year after year, which combined with the development that is expected to take place soon, guarantees the increase of the value of the property in a few years and quick return on investment. Now it is the most convenient time to buy this property, because later its price will increase rapidly.

5. Smart investment and fast return
Green Coast Resort is not just the dream home or the ideal vacation spot, but is also a smart investment purchase. This is thanks to the successful European experiences of management and rental innovation concepts that we bring to the market now, such as the “Renting Program” and “Property Share”. Through the “Renting Program”, the owner of the villa or the apartment can rent his unit in that period of the year that he wants. This relationship is regulated through a contract that is tied between the owner and the Green Coast administration offices, where Green Coast is responsible for locating interested clients for rent. Also the operator who will manage the hotel will be responsible for renting and managing 100 villas and resort apartments.
The concept and development of the resort makes it possible to transform the Palasa area from a summer tourist destination into a year-round destination. This ensures that your property is used in a longer period of the year bringing about a higher and faster return on investment.

“Property Share” another concept of innovation, is a joint venture where two or more people can buy a property, investing in different pay rates. Based on this quote the rights and obligations between the co-owners are divided, including the acquisition of ownership with regular documentation.

6. Management and property maintenance
The resort management will be of a high-standard, 5-star standard to ensure safe and secure coexistence thanks to the private surveillance and camera monitoring system 24 hours / 7 days a week, maintenance and cleaning of shared facilities of your property. The management and maintenance of the resort will be made by a company divided by the construction company, a consolidated company with long experience in the Albanian market.

7. Extra services and preferential prices for clients
Part of this project is also the promenade with business units, such as: bars, restaurants, beach-bars, supermarket, sports center, amphitheater etc. The promenade will be in function of residents and visitors and will serve as a hub of entertainment and relaxation.
Through its structures, the resort will also organize tourist guides, practice winter and summer sports.

Also part of the Green Coast Resort will be a 5-star hotel, one of the world’s most famous brands, which is bringing a high standard to accommodation structures in the elite coastal tourism in Albania. This hotel, which is expected to be completed soon, will offer numerous services such as: SPA and beauty center, indoor and outdoor pools, fitness center and sports facilities.
“Buttler Service” is another innovation brought to Green Coast, where every resident will have the opportunity to receive personalized service as needed. This service guarantees the utmost care for the residents and the fulfillment of any of their requests on time, making them feel privileged.

All residents will be equipped with the Resident Card, which will provide benefits and preferential prices for resort services.

All of the above mentioned elements make this project not only unique in the product offering and the preferred destination for anyone who wants to have a dream home but also guarantee that it is now the best time to buy a villa or apartment in Green Coast, as a safe, smart investment and fast return.

Green Coast Resort is part of Balfin Group, the largest and most innovative investment group in Albania and one of the largest in the region, known for its investment in TEG, QTU, SEG, residential and commercial development, tourism with projects such as Vala Mar Residences, fashion and mining industries, as well as retail activities with Neptun, SPAR, Jumbo, etc.

For more information on the Green Coast Project please visit www.greencoast.al or contact sales@greencoast.al/ +355 69 80 14999 / +355 69 20 20073.