February 11, 2022
A new ICT laboratory for Raqi Qirinxhi High School from BALFIN Group

BALFIN Group, under the special care of President Samir Mane, equipped the Raqi Qirinxhi public High School in Korça with new computers for its ICT lab and new sports gear for the gym. Approximately 700 high school students enrolled at Raqi Qirinxhi will make full use of the newly furbished ICT lab and sports gear, as part of information technology and physical education classes in their curriculum.

As a Korça native and a former student of this school, President Samir Mane acknowledges the achievements of the generations it educated over the years and pledges that BALFIN Group will always support the education system. “It is an exceptional pleasure for me to contribute to the institution where I started the path of knowledge. I applaud the academic staff for their tireless work, and I wish the students success on their journey,” he said.

The Raqi Qirinxhi High School is one of the oldest schools in the nation, and the one of the highest-ranking ones in the region of Korça. “On behalf of the school, I would like to thank the President of BALFIN Group for this significant investment,” said the school principal, Keti Qirinxhi.

To BALFIN Group, education is the most powerful investment for the future. Qualitative education can put people and communities on a path towards wellness, empowerment, and employment. For this purpose, the Group has placed education initiatives and support on the forefront of CSR programs.