December 28, 2021
A Socially Responsible December for Jumbo Bosnia and Herzegovina

For Jumbo Bosnia and Herzegovina, December was the month of giving. While most colleagues were working extra hard at stores all over the country to provide customers with every holiday wish and décor, some were busy leaving Jumbo Bosnia and Herzegovina’s footprint in the places that matter the most. In a three-day tour, Jumbo Bosnia and Herzegovina staff visited three institutions whose focus is supporting children.

The Vladimir Nazor Center in Sarajevo is specialized in upbringing, educating, and rehabilitating of people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities, currently taking care of 175 children and students aged 3 to 21 years. Jumbo Bosnia and Herzegovina came to their support with supplies that will assist educators in their daily work with children and students. In return, the center’s members prepared handmade gift for the company’s participating staff.

The Association Heart for Children with Cancer – Parents’ House, close to Pediatric Clinic Jezero in Sarajevo, is a second home to the parents of children who are hospitalized and receiving treatment. 700m² of family suites, including facilities and a multifunctional game room offer family members the comfort they need at difficult times. The company was part of their Holiday Gift Packing project for all members of the association by contributing selected Jumbo items and helping with packaging.

The GFC Sarajevo Club is a futsal club that is providing free training for children of the SOS Villages. Jumbo Bosnia and Herzegovina provided sets of sports and training equipment for the club’s young players.

Jumbo Bosnia and Herzegovina, part of BALFIN Group, considers serving the local community its special mission, especially in the spirit of the holidays. As such, the company will continue to take similar initiatives with disadvantaged groups as well as draw attention to these issues in the local community.