June 13, 2019
ACREM is crowned as Balfin Volley Champion

In an atmosphere of fierce sportsmanship, Balfin Volley Championship 2019 concluded yesterday its final match between ACREM and Neptun teams, at Tirana Olympic Park.

ACREM managed to be the winning team, finally after two defeats against the same opponent in the past editions. The final result 3-2 declared them the winners of the Championship.

he enthusiasm, team spirit, and strong emotions characterized this competition, in which the fans were organized as never before. The entire championship was accompanied by competitiveness and fair play.



During the ceremony, there were various awards for:

  • Thoma Dhimitri, ACREM – Best Male Player 2019
  • Eugesta Jazi, Mane TCI – Best Female Player 2019
  • Elvis Hoxha, Neptun – Best Organizer of Balfin Volley 2019
  • Nasjan Burda, Balfin – Best Shooter of Balfin Volley 2019
  • Artan Dervishi, Tirana Bank – Discovery of Balfin Volley 2019
  • Blendi Dashi, Neptun – Career Award
  • Besiana Xega, AlbChrome – Funniest Player 2019
  • Fashion Group Albania – Most Charming Team of Balfin Volley 2019
  • Mane TCI – Fair Play Team
  • Spar Albania – Most Persistent Team
  • Jumbo – The Team with the highest number of female players of Balfin Volley 2019

In the last seven years, Balfin Group has had special attention to sports activities for its employees through Balfin Volley and other ones, so that besides the professional collaboration, colleagues can also have fun and socialize among them.

Other activities

Balfin Group has some key corporate values on which it builds its foundations, such as Partnership, Consideration, Innovation, Accountability.

Within the framework of these values, there are dedicated campaigns that have been undertaken for all employees during recent years.

Balfin spends around 1 million euros each year on retreats and other activities so that its employees advance professionally, socialize and get to know each other better, to strengthen the team spirit and at the same time have fun

Balfin Group companies develop many other activities. For example, the last activity held by Neptun, the first edition of Happy Teams, entitled “The Challenge”, was one of these games. All the company’s staff were able to participate in the first phase of this event, during its 4 weeks, organized in teams, who collected points from various games. The top 8 qualified from the first stage teams, challenged each other in the second phase competing in Bow and Arrow games and the famous Beer-pong game. The 4 teams that featured the highest qualities of group work and spirit of competition became winners of 4 surprise prizes.

The Group has also been providing theater tickets for the staff over the years so that they are in touch with cultural life.