June 20, 2024
ACREM triumphs in Balfin Volleyball Championship 2024 finale

Balfin Volleyball Championship 2024 came to an exciting conclusion with ACREM clinching the title against Balfin Construction in a thrilling match, making the team a third time champion. The finale showcased the talent, teamwork, and the spirit of competition that defines BALFIN Group’s 11-year-old championship. Moreover, the highlight of the finale were the fans, whose energy made it an event to remember.

Championship Match Overview

ACREM delivered an outstanding performance, securing a 2-0 victory over Balfin Construction. With set scores of 25-18 and 25-19, ACREM demonstrated their dominance and strategic competence on the court, ensuring a memorable win for their team.

The finale was moderated by Krist Martiro, Vice Captain of the National Albanian Volleyball Team, who brought his professional commentary and sports enthusiasm to the event. For the 9th year, BALFIN Group has cooperated with the Superior Volley Association to conduct the championship, ensuring adherence to game rules and high professionalism. Dr. Artan Pogoni served as the main referee, alongside Altin Gorenxa and Junida Pogoni.

2024 Outstanding Performers

2024’s best players were unsurprisingly from the two top teams, ACREM & Balfin Construction.

The “Best Male Player” Award went to Artan Picari, Security Director at ACREM and an important figure throughout the championship’s years. The team’s renown captain’s exceptional play and leadership were pivotal in his team’s most recent victory.

Whereas the “Best Female Player” Award went to Klaudia Jatagani, Civil Engineer at Balfin Construction. Other than her stellar performance, Klaudia demonstrated a one-of-a-kind commitment throughout the championship.

Special Recognitions

Neptun Albania, a 6-time championship winner that made it to the semifinals, was recognized for their exemplary sportsmanship throughout the championship, earning them the “Fair Play Team” Award.

Another special recognition went to Balfin Construction as the “Best Supporting Company”, whose fans were celebrated for their vibrant enthusiasm, contributing to the electrifying atmosphere not only at the finale, but throughout the entire championship.

Julian Mane, Vice President of Retail at BALFIN Group, delivered the medals, first and second place cups to ACREM and Balfin Construction. He congratulated all the participants in his speech. “Year after year, Balfin Volleyball Championship gets better, more competitive, more exciting. It’s something that unites us in spirit. I’d like to thank the organizers and most importantly, all 203 players, for your commitment to the game and sportsmanship. You’ve demonstrated impeccable teamwork, a core value of BALFIN Group, essential for success both on and off the court.”

Balfin Volleyball Championship’s Legacy

The Balfin Volleyball Championship, an 11-year-old tradition, saw active participation of 203 employees from various company teams, including: ACREM, Balfin Construction, Jumbo & Retail Park, Neptun Albania, Milsped Albania, BALFIN, Tirana Bank, OnSolutions, Balfin Asset Management & Hospitality, SPAR Albania, Elektro-servis, and Balfin Development. Throughout two months of weekly matches and even longer after-hours practices, the championship highlighted the values of teamwork, community spirit, and healthy competition, core to BALFIN Group’s ethos. 6 previous champion titles were won by Neptun Albania, 2 by ACREM, 1 by BALFIN’s Headquarters, and 1 by Balfin Construction (formerly known as Mane TCI).

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Balfin Volleyball Championship 2024 once again celebrated the spirit of competition and sportsmanship within the BALFIN Group community. Anticipation builds for next year’s tournament, promising even more excitement and memorable moments.