February 3, 2023
Alban Caslli: BALFIN Group’s success, an inspiration for future challenges

Interview with Alban Caslli, Managing Director at Alba-trade GmbH, Vienna, Austria

Alban Caslli left his native Albania for the Austrian capital to lead Alba-trade, the renowned consumer electronics wholesaler and the founding stone of BALFIN Group. In his 22 years at BALFIN Group, he has faced numerous challenges and tremendous growth. As a managing director of a Vienna-based Albanian company and a catalyst of its success, he has a fascinating story to tell, the essence of which he captures in this interview, part of BALFIN Group’s series titled Success Stories.

Describe your professional journey at BALFIN Group.

It was an experience that I believe each of us would like to have as a professional journey in life.

My first contact with BALFIN Group was in 2001. At that time, I had the good fortune to be personally trained by the President of the Group, Mr. Samir Mane, who at that time operated the business from Vienna, as well as our partner, Mr. Arsim Papraniku, for many daily operational processes.

After 6 years of intensive work, in 2007 I was entrusted with the direction of the Alba-trade company as Managing Director.

Among the most prominent challenges have been the representation of Samsung’s brand in the TV category with European turnover levels; the signing of the distribution contract for Samsung mobile phones in 2008, which had a very positive impact on our performance; signing the contract for the representation of the authorized distribution of the Apple brand in 2010; Bosch & Siemens in 2012; and recently in 2018, the representation of the Xiaomi brand, which was followed by the opening of the first official store in Albania.

When was the moment you knew you’d made the right decision to work at BALFIN Group?

The first contacts with the giant Philips and the first business meetings at Philips Hause Vienna were among the best moments that gave me the impetus and satisfaction to stay in this profession forever. The responsibility of representing BALFIN Group in front of Philips and the positive experience gained from that brand, at that time the number one brand in the world for various consumer electronic products, was the moment that inspired within me a new vision for my future in the BALFIN Group family.

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What was it like to leave your home country for the heart of Austria to run one of the leading companies in the consumer electronics market?

It was a very perfect combination as the business environment in Vienna, the facilities offered by the city, as well as the infrastructure in the center of Europe, the very successful experience of the Group with the representation of elite brands in our region, constitute an ocean of opportunities to perform, both within the Group, as well as through individual creative initiatives.

What are you most proud of in your career at BALFIN Group?

Being part of the success of one of the largest groups in the country is a special privilege that constantly inspires you for future challenges.

Describe a recent professional achievement that you believe also contributes to your personal success.

Performing in new markets is a unique opportunity. One of them is the activity we carry out in Croatia, a member country of the European Union. Other markets are projects to be announced soon. These opportunities and results are valuable to me both professionally and personally.

What is something that can only happen at BALFIN Group?

The ability to perform and excel in various business areas. We are currently reaping success in the field of electronics and real estate, which translates into professional satisfaction and achievement for every engaged professional.

Describe the best day you’ve had at work.

The best day at work was when the President of the Group made a dedicated Instagram post after his visit to Alba-trade’s headquarters.

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