March 9, 2018
Albania becomes part of the global education network “Teach for All”, with the support of Balfin Group as a strategic partner

Challenge the impossible through education!

Balfin Group, the largest and most innovative investment group in the country and one of the largest in the region, has joined “Teach for Albania” education program as one of its strategic partners. Teach for Albania is part of the world’s largest education network “Teach for All”, present in 46 countries around the world. Teach for All, which is supported by many world leaders like Barack Obama, David Cameron, Tony Blair, etc., is an international movement focused in providing equal opportunities for child education regardless of where they live, their origin or economic status.

Teach for Albania will launch this year the selection of 30 excellence young people to serve as teachers but also as community leaders in low performing schools in Albania. The program aims to improve the quality of education through joint work and ensure that all children have the opportunity to further develop their potential so that the talent must be the driving force that determines success in life.

By becoming part of the global education network Teach for All, Albania will have the opportunity to connect to the teacher platform in all partner countries to share experience; the best practice and help young people develop their potential for a better future.

The growth of a business must be accompanied by the development of the community, and therefore Balfin Group maximally evaluates “Teach for Albania” program. Balfin Group is very enthusiastic about this cooperation. Balfin Group continuously assesses and cares about the application of development projects anywhere in the Group network, and “Teach for Albania” program works in this regard, enabling the increase in education quality in the most problematic schools in Albania.