February 6, 2020
Albchrome, another 25 mln USD investment in Bulqiza / The source of Qafë Buall guarantees the mining future

Albchrome has begun the implementation of another major mining project for the year 2020, that of developing works of the Qafë Buall reservoir

First phase involves the design of the chrome deep source development plan in Qafë Buall in Bulqiza.

Total construction costs cover investments of all mining works, civil works, purchase of machinery and equipment, etc. and based on the preliminary study, the investment is estimated to be around 25 million USD and the estimated period for its realization is about 2 years.

The life span of this source is estimated to be about 12 years, with a production capacity of about 100,000 tons per year.

The chromium deposit at Qafe-Buall is located in the ultrabasic Bulqiza massif, and is about 2.2 km to 2.5 km further west of the Bulqiza chromium deposit.

Exploration work at Qafë Buall started in 1981. Based on the exploration work at the SHGJSH, a well-designed project to open Qafe Buall was drafted and in 1985 the two traverbanks A and B opening started. After 1995, these works were disrupted for lack of funding and were flooded by underground waters, damaging all infrastructure.

Reactivation of works at this site began in September 2013 by AlbChrome. Following the reactivation of the Qafe Buall mine in May 2015, the need arose for the design and implementation of a new detailed exploration project to improve the parameters of the initial project and to enable the capital works to open the Qafe Buall mine.

According to the geological report compiled in 2018 by the Geological Service of Bulqize Mine, the total extractable geological reserves are about 700,000 tonnes with quality outflow.

This investment comes after the construction of shaft No.9, valued at approximately 20.5 million USD, the Klos Traverbank valued at approximately 5.2 million USD and the installation of the new lifting machinery at shaft No. 3 worth 1.6 million USD.

In 2020, AlbChrome plans to invest 10 million USD. Investments will be focused on: the opening of Qafe Bualli mine, development of the Bulqiza Mine depth project, implementation of the  Elbasan Ferro Chrome Factory dust-capture system project, rising technology and automation of plants and mines.

Since 2013, the total value of AlbChrome’s investments in the mining sector in Albania has reached the figure of 55.6 million USD, a figure that will exceed 70 million USD by 2021. These investments guarantere processes automation in the mining sector making employees safer and increasing the life span of the sector by making it sustainable and by creating long-term employment.