December 29, 2020
AlbChrome brings holiday gifts to 93 orphans in the city of Bulqiza

The company Albchrome responded to the request of Bulqiza Education Directorate and donated toys to 93 orphaned students on the occasion of the End-of-Year Holidays.

The director of Bulqiza AlbChrome Mine, Mikel Demçe, while attending the donation event, affirmed this is just the next contribution in the framework of the efforts the company has made and shall continue to make as part of Balfin Group’s social responsibility policies. “The work and success of AlbChrome in the last 7 years have been shared and will continue to be shared with the community, whenever need be”, he added.

Only a month ago, AlbChrome provided furniture to Bulqiza kindergarten, wherein 60 children will spend a warmer winter.

Support for the healthy upbringing of young children and proper education for young people are at the heart of AlbChrome’s social contribution to communities. These contributions to Bulqiza are just some among the many investments of the company therein. Despite the severe crisis of the mine industry caused by COVID-19, the company shall remain faithful to its mission of supporting communities near the areas whereby it operates, also within Balfin Group’s social responsibility policies, which, only during 2019, delivered about 500 thousand euros in support to the various communities where its companies operate, in addition to the donations to those affected by the earthquake.

AlbChrome has never stopped supporting students and high school pupils from Bulqiza these years, whereby, in addition to the local vocational high school “Asllan Keta”, operating thanks to its support, other pre-educational institutions are being constantly supported such as, kindergartens and nurseries. Last but not least, the most talented students enrolled in the University of Tirana – Department of Geology-Mining are also supported by the company with full scholarships.