December 3, 2018
Albchrome grants scholarships to three students from Bulqiza, who choose Geology-Mines Faculty in Tirana

Friday on November 30th 2018, at the AlbChrome premises in Tirana, the scholarship-awarding ceremony for three students from the city of Bulqiza was held. The students are now registered in the first year of “Geo-resource” branch at Geology and Mining Faculty of the Polytechnic University of Tirana.

The students Ronaldo Lika, Denis Nika and Gjeladin Hoxha were praised for their good results, with whom they had successfully completed the vocational high school in their hometown.

The first two students, in the above order, who had completed the vocational high school with a combined average above 8.5 grade, benefited from AlbChrome a scholarship of 2 thousand euros, while to the third student, with a slightly lower average, a scholarship of 1 thousand euros was granted. Of course, getting this scholarship, for them is just the first step and not their career peak point, as they will have the opportunity to undertake internships as well as the excellent opportunity to be employed in the company.

AlbChrome has selected these three students, from a total of 12 coming from Bulqiza, who after completing their vocational high school in their city are enrolled at the University of Tirana, in the “Geo-Resource” branch, with a profile in “Mining Resources Engineering”.

Albchrome, part of Balfin Group, has also made a significant contribution to the establishment of the first vocational high school in Bulqiza, providing this educational institution material basis, as well as setting up a laboratory for practice and also covering some of the wages for the professors.

So it is a Win-Win situation, for the students and for the company that 12 of them are heading to the university this year.

The students were present at AlbChrome’s headquarter, where they signed the contract for the disbursement of these scholarships.

This process will continue in the coming years, but a criterion for these students or their colleagues from Bulqiza for receiving the same scholarships will be the grades obtained during 2018-2019, which should also be high.

The above students, but also others who have completed the vocational high school in Bulqiza, still have an agreement with AlbChrome to conduct internships near the chrome mine of their city, where a guaranteed employment awaits them.

Through this modest contribution, but which is, of course, stimulating and facilitating students, to minimize the core costs of their student livelihood in the capital, AlbChrome is offering as a support and motivation for Bulqiza’s young people to invest in their careers as mining specialists, in order to contribute to themselves and their city after completing their studies.

Albchrome also supports “Ali Myftiu” professional high school in the city of Elbasan, where young people also have a great job prospects at the Ferro-Chrome plant on this location.