April 2, 2020
Albchrome helps 50 families in need in Burrel

AlbChrome, in cooperation with the Municipality of Burrel, have assisted 50 families in Burrel, Macukull, Lis and Komsi with food aid.

The emergency of COVID-19 spread has created difficulties for the entire Albanian society. Albchrome responded immediately to the request of Burrel Municipality to help families who are in difficult economic conditions in this city and its surroundings. Deep areas have felt this difficult situation, so AlbChrome has decided to stay as close as possible to the communities where its operation is present.

This is not AlbChrome’s only initiative to help the neediest families. Just a few days ago, AlbChrome and Spar Albania provided food supplies to 100 families in the town of Bulqiza.

These initiatives will continue, as an already consolidated vision of the Balfin Group (of which AlbChrome is a part) on social responsibility, despite the current situation.