September 30, 2019
AlbChrome returns smiles on kindergarten and Burrel High School students

AlbChrome’s contribution to the social and educational spheres in areas where it operates, such as Bulqiza, Burrel, Elbasan and Klos, has been unsparing since 2013, when the company started operations.

This time it was the city of Burrel, where under the care of Mr. Samir Mane and thanks to the support of AlbChrome, today the gymnasium “28 Nëntori” in this city, where 350 young people study has been completed with an Informatics Lab, equipped with 13 computers with parameters needed to make the most of the lessons, as well as further developing students’ knowledge of IT or design, these very important and employment-related profiles.

Also, Albchrome helped Kindergarten no. 2 a few days ago in Burrel with material goods, thus improving the conditions for infants growing up there daily.

In Kindergarten no. 2, where 35 children go daily, was contributed with all the equipment and items they need in the day-to-day, from kitchen appliances to indoor nursery supplies, heating equipment, and so on.

Among the gratitude of the management staff of the gymnasium and the kindergarten or students of the school, the Mayor of Burrel, Mr. Agron Malaj, thanked AlbChrome and Mr. Samir Mane for this initiative and expressed his willingness to further cooperate in the field of education.

AlbChrome made this donation through the non-governmental organization “Vizion”.

Also in September, AlbChrome has also offered support in the city of Elbasan, where 380 students from Bradashesh Elementary School now have a space to assist them in their development and learning process. It is a “Developmental Space”, a new model of integrated services within the school, which fosters partnerships with professionals to provide integrated psychosocial, developmental, therapeutic services for child development and with a particular focus children with different abilities.

Albchrome’s support has been going on for years, only in December last year, it provided computers and video projectors for the Asllan Keta Gymnasium Informatics Cabinet in Bulqiza, which already serves 700 students.

All these activities are carried out on the basis of a consolidated policy of the Group on Social Responsibility, under the special care and attention of the Group President, Mr. Samir Mane.

The group has been highly engaged in recent years, paying particular attention to different categories of families or individuals in need.

The Balfin Group has been heavily engaged in social responsibility in recent years, paying particular attention to different categories of families or individuals in need. Balfin is one of the few Albanian businesses that has focused on sustainable development in the communities it operates, embracing SGDs (Sustainable Development Goals), for which the Group has developed a genuine strategy that all companies apply.

Under the special attention of the Group’s own President, Samir Mane, and in collaboration with various non-governmental organizations and foundations, the Balfin Group is supporting various programs related to improving educational processes, in the betterment of children, the environment etc, as well as improving the living and poverty reduction of over 40 families.