September 23, 2019
AlbChrome’s Donation / Elementary School in Elbasan is equipped with a “Developmental Space” that will serve 380 students

The Balfin Group, under the special attention of President Samir Mane, has made another contribution to the social sphere, to the communities where his companies operate, through AlbChrome.

This time it was Elbasan, where 380 students from Bradashesh Elementary School now have a space to assist them in their development and learning process.

It is a “Developmental Space”, a new model of integrated services within the school, which fosters partnerships with professionals to provide integrated psychosocial, developmental, therapeutic services for child development and with a particular focus in children with different abilities.

The inauguration of the Bradashesh development site was attended by representatives of the Balfin Group and AlbChrome, dozens of students, teachers, professionals and representatives from the Elbasan Local Education Office.

Contribution from AlbChrome, valued at over 8 million ALL, was given specifically to the Bradashesh Elementary School “Alush Lleshanaku”, where 380 students study.

The games and sites of various activities aimed at developing children physically and emotionally were the surprise for this new school year.

Creating this development space was made possible thanks to the partnership with World Vision in Albania and Kosovo and it will serve all students without exception, with special care in giving access to children with disabilities as well.

A few days ago, another case of social support, where Mr. Mane was personally engaged, donated a new apartment to the 4 orphans of the Poka family from Kukës, who have now settled in Golem.

Also, last month Balfin presented a success story, with the hiring of Ersi Pirra at Jumbo, despite his different ability.

The Balfin Group has been heavily engaged in social responsibility in recent years, paying particular attention to different categories of families or individuals in need. Balfin is one of the few Albanian businesses that has focused on sustainable development in the communities it operates, embracing SGDs (Sustainable Development Goals), for which the Group has developed a genuine strategy that all companies apply.

Under the special attention of the Group’s own President, Samir Mane, and in collaboration with various non-governmental organizations and foundations, the Balfin Group is supporting various programs related to improving educational processes in education, inclusivity, in the living of children, the environment etc, as well as improving the living and helping over 40 families get out of poverty.