June 18, 2019
An Albanian “Nammos Beach” in the heart of the South, the most elite beach in the country welcomes you!

The second weekend of June, along with the high temperatures, finally brought the full magic of the summer. And there was no better way to come in the fascinating beach of the Albanian Riviera, in Palasa, than with the sounds and emotions of a special event. Nazar Beach, the elite restaurant part of the promenade at the Green Coast Resort, officially opened this summer season on an elegant and completely different festivity in the magic that is the Palasa area, full of special moments and entertainment, with music from well-known international DJs and with a highly sophisticated organization.

The success of this event ensures that this summer season will not be common to all those who choose to relax at Nazar Beach, in the Green Coast Resort.

What makes Nazar Beach different?

What is noticeable immediately as you enter Nazar Beach, is the Bohemian architectural style, the first of its kind in Albania and the free and unusual design inspired by the boho chic style of people with a free and artistic spirit. The combination of natural materials such as wood and straw and the selection of warm colors of the earth reflect an original, seemingly simple, but very striking style. Used greenery, featuring a combination of tall palm trees and different low plant species, not only give the Nazar Beach a wonderful view and an exotic atmosphere, but provide vitality and freshness through the light-shadow effect. To provide a more welcoming atmosphere, some non-casual rugs and cushions are placed along the wooden floor in each area of ​​the gazebo. Designed by Greek studio, AK Architects, known for similar projects outside of Albania, in Nazar Beach you feel surrounded by elegance and care at any moment.

Throughout the season, many events will be organized, which, like the opening event, will bring the same feeling and emotion (for anyone who has experienced it) as special evenings on the well-known beaches on the Greek islands. Well-known international DJs will continue to be invited at events, just as the DJ performers at the opening event: Anatolian Session, Aleksandra Duenden and Sonjia Pavlican, who created an extraordinary atmosphere for the audience. As always, focused on bringing innovation and the best experiences from developed European countries, the event organizers at Nazar Beach say they are inspired by the events that take place at the famous Nammos Beach in Mykonos. The goal is to bring much more than a simple event, giving life and vivacity to the entire area.

All those who choose to relax in Nazar Beach will be able to enjoy a rich cuisine and exceptional cocktails prepared by professionals, relax under the warm sunlight, the sound of waves and the cool breeze of the sea, but also to participate in various sports such as water sports, diving etc. Opportunities that are majestically provided by Palasa’s area.

Nazar Beach welcomes all those who are looking for excitement and entertainment, elite quality, unique high standard services, everything under the management of professionally experienced international staff.

New emotions and surprises await you – exclusively in Nazar Beach, on the magic beach of Palasë!

Nazar Beach is located on the promenade of the Green Coast Resort, the most elite resort in Albania, consisting of villas of different typologies for sale, 5 star hotel and shopping units.