March 21, 2024
B4Students’ Business Challenge Competition: Find out the ‘Happy Solutions’

B4Students concluded its fourth Business Challenge Competition with three winners. This edition’s target was the Happy App, the digital product of the biggest loyalty program in Albania, Happy, managed by OnSolutions. 9 finalists presented their project-ideas to the BALFIN Group-composed jury.

For this open call, the BALFIN Group company shared with the students two of their main challenges:

  • The most effective ways to encourage customers to be active on a daily basis.
  • Educating customers on fully replacing the physical card with the digital one.

The call gathered the interest of 56 students who submitted 12 applications, 9 of which were chosen to be presented to the jury members.

The jury was composed of Aida Velaj, the CEO of OnSolutions, Euglent Zeqo, PR & Expansion Manager at OnSolutions, and Marlind Maksuti, the Head of Software Development at BALFIN Group.

Winners of the fourth Business Challenge Competition

Kejsi Ibranj, a 22-year-old Business Informatics student at the Agricultural University of Tirana won first place in this Business Challenge Competition, accompanied by a €300 prize. Her proposal focused on the development and integration of a game titled Rewards Adventure. The game stimulates the use of specific skills from users, such as logic, quick reaction, or creativity, and rewards them with points, which can be exchanged for various benefits within the app.

The runner up, Amanda Peza, a 21-year-old Business Informatics student at Epoka University, introduced various additions to boost Happy App usage, such as social media and in-app challenges, interactive guides, games and quizzes, exclusive discounts for online purchases only, etc.

Third place winner Eni Keçi, a 22-year-old Applied Computer Science Student at Aleksander Mojsiu University, proposed several incentives and services, such as extra birthday points for users, post-purchase point collection, store pickup for online purchases via Happy App, etc.

The second and third place winners also won the €250 and €200 prizes respectively.

The jury appraised the entire pool of finalists for their creativity and professionalism in conducting their research and elaborating proposals tailored to the Happy App.

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The B4Students is a program of Mane Foundation and has several components in the field of education, such the engagement of young people in entrepreneurship, social initiatives, as well as on their professional development. The program has recently launched its Internship & Employment Program, as well as the fifth Business Idea Competition.