December 27, 2021
B4Students inaugurates the Social Corner at the Social Sciences Faculty in Tirana

The “Social Corner” represents the best gift at the end of this year for the Faculty of Social Sciences in Tirana sponsored by the B4Students program. Dean PhD. Prof. Edmond Rapti and other members of the Dean’s Office inaugurated the new premises on the 23rd of December, together with representatives of B4Students and students of this faculty.

The Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Tirana represents one of the institutions that B4Students is supporting with infrastructure this year. The Social Corner urged as a need identified by the leaders of the institution, for students to have a dedicated space to socialise and network with each other beyond class, as well as to carry out academic work in collaboration. The corner has already been put in function to all students and professors. A total of 2,692 students and 71 professors will be the beneficiaries of such investment.

Dean PhD. Prof. Edmond Rapti, praised the contribution of BALFIN Group in supporting students, from professional development to employment and furthermore for the incentives provided to set up new undertakings. The Dean highlighted the readiness to establish sustainable relations with BALFIN Group’s companies.

Ardiana Sokoli, BALFIN Group’s Vice President, emphasized that colleagues in the Group’s companies that cooperate with students highly value their energy and desire to drive change. Moreover, she stated that “the exchange of the best practices is mutual, and the support of education is also promoted by the president of the BALFIN Group, Samir Mane, making it a key pillar of social responsibility for the Group”.

B4Students is a BALFIN Group program that provides students in the country opportunities to professionally grow and establish their first contacts with the labour market. During 2021, over 1,400 students enrolled in the program, 70 of whom have carried out internships at BALFIN Group companies. Furthermore, in the framework of B4Students, 30 student clubs from universities in Albania have submitted projects that are being evaluated for financial support, which aim to enhance various aspects of the society.