February 7, 2020
Balfin and “Luarasi”, cooperation agreement on student’s internships

Balfin Group and Luarasi University signed today a cooperation agreement in Tirana. Through this agreement, students of this university will have the opportunity to complete professional internships with numerous companies of the Group, in order to be trained and ready for the labor market, after completing their cycle of studies, which is also a very good future employment opportunity to them.

Balfin Group Executive Director Ms. Edlira Muka and the Rector of Luarasi University, Mr. Ethem Ruka, signed the agreement for the parties represented in the premises of the higher education institution, where they expressed mutual respect and good will for this cooperation to continue beyond working practices and also in an ongoing exchange of experiences by representatives of the Group with the students of Luarasi.

We are ready to offer all the experience of our Group companies, so that your students could implement the knowledge they receive from theory into an effective professional practice that will open their career doors to the future.” – said Balfin Group Executive Director, Ms. Edlira Muka.

“We do appreciate very much this agreement with you, for a professionally better generation, within the conditions and opportunities you have” – said the Rector of Luarasi University, Mr. Ethem Ruka.

Balfin Group has for many years been offering professional internship opportunities to many students, both from private and public higher education institutions.
The Group has agreements on this puprose with Universities like “Tirana Business University”, “European University of Tirana”, state University of Tirana, and so on.