May 21, 2020
Balfin Austria launches another exclusive project, this time in Vienna

Balfin Austria, part of Balfin Group, introduced another real estate project in Austria. The second project envisions the construction of a residential complex in one of Vienna’s most popular areas, between District 18 and 19.

Balfin Group, based on the experience gained in the realization of many successful projects in the Western Balkans, has already launched the second project in Austria. The new project is an investment of about 10 million Euros and this residential complex in Vienna is expected to be completed in 2022.

Alban Caslli, Executive Director of Balfin Austria, says about the new investment: “The launch of the second project for us is not a small achievement, as Austria is a very competitive and challenging market in the field of real estate development. The construction of this residential complex shows once again that Balfin Group implements the highest standards and is ready to compete in the common market of the European Union. ”


This is the second project that Balfin Austria is developing in Austria and the first one in Vienna. The first real estate development project in Austria started in October 2018, it includes a residential project which has already been completed. The complex is located in the Altmünster area of Austria, which is a well-known tourist area near Lake Traunsee.

Expanding investments beyond the borders of Albania and the Western Balkans is part of Balfin Group’s approach to expanding its activities in European Union countries. In Austria, Balfin Group is present with two companies. Alba-Trade was established in 1993 and operates in the field of wholesale trade of electronic equipment, while Balfin Austria was established in 2018 and deals with the development of real estate, residential areas and tourist resorts.

Balfin Group has a wide business portfolio, ranging from heavy industry, real estate development, banking, mining, shopping malls and retail. Balfin operates in 7 different countries around the world and today has about 6,000 employees