January 18, 2019
Balfin Group announces the third edition winner of “Your Business Idea” contest

Edmond Marku, with the “Ecologic Compactor” project, was declared the winner of the third edition of “Your Business Idea” contest, already turned into a tradition in Balfin Group.


Marku succeeded among the 25 competitors who had been qualified in the first phase by hundreds of applicants and now, apart from a financial support, he will also have the ongoing consultancy of Balfin Group experts to build an ambitious business plan and to realize his project.

A good part of applicants and the qualified of this year came from Kosovo and Macedonia, marking an increase of about 20% of applicants, compared to the previous year.

Business Ideas, in this third edition, focused mainly on areas such as IT (Applications, Software etc), Construction, Tourism, Mediation, Recycling, Education, Services, Security, etc.

The winning idea, that of the “Ecologic Compactor”, consists in the light recycling of wastes, thanks to the combination of practicality and the usefulness of recycling. Ecological Compactor is a machine that best combines these two features. In addition to preserving the environment, this initiative encourages citizen to recycle through an incentive system. In just a few steps, by inserting cans, plastic bottles and glass bottles in the respective machine spaces, citizens can get a coupon that could be used for purchases in different businesses.

What is “Your Business Idea”?

“Your Business Idea” program identifies entrepreneurs with the most promising ideas through a competitive process, offering rewards for the winners and intensive follow-up assistance.

“Your Business Idea” is a program that transforms great ideas into big businesses. Through an annual tradition, this program helps Albanian entrepreneurs who have a business idea into realizing a genuine business.

Last year’s winner was announced Enea Jorgo with his “Select App” project. It is a digital platform that operates as B2B between suppliers and retail businesses. This digital platform includes an application for iOS / Android and the Web-site.