September 25, 2018
Balfin Group celebrates 25 years of success with its partners

On Thursday, 20 September 2018, Balfin Group hosted a Gala Ceremony at the Palace of Brigades in Tirana to celebrate the joint successes with its partners on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the group founding.
Activity’s motto was “Driving time together!”.

Hundreds of personalities from the field of business, media and art were present at the event.

Balfin Group threw its first steps in Vienna in 1993 and today counts arounds 5,000 employees in Albania, in the region and beyond.

In 2005, the Group established QTU, the First Commercial Center in Albania, one of the best business success stories. Also, during the same year, Euromax opened, the first organized supermarket network in Albania and one of the most successful.

Today, Balfin has transformed it into SPAR, an international brand, which has become the largest supermarket network in Albania for 2017.

Since TEG opening in 2011, continuing to the largest investment project in Macedonia, SEG, worth about 350 million euros, Balfin Group today has a financial turnover of over $ 500 million, according last year’s.

During his speech to the guests, the President of Balfin Group, Mr. Samir Mane, unveiled the vision and philosophy for the future: : “We will continue to bring innovations to technology and not just in products and services but in the industry and applied technology. We will not stop the pace from innovation, we will not stop bringing and thinking as a developed European country. Our clients deserve this. We will continue to consolidate Balfin group in Albania. We will make it stronger, more flexible to face the challenges, with national and international markets and regulators. Our clients deserve this. Our responsibility towards success will grow more as well as the commitment and determination to overcome the challenges. We will continue to look at new markets and industries. Balfin Group is able to invest and develop not only in Albania but also where good investment opportunities rise. We have tried this before and we will not stop seeing and project a future that is as successful as the 25 years we left behind”– Mr. Mane stated.