February 10, 2018
Balfin Group completes the wish of Silvana for a sewing machine and donates 3 years pension for her little son

After the broadcast of the “Fiks Fare” show, the story of Mrs. Silvana, differently able from Delvina, there was an immediate response by Balfin Group. The mother of two children, who couldn’t speak and even hear, lived in very difficult economic conditions with her mother, who suffers from a mental illness and occasionally becomes violent. Abandoned by her ex-husband, who also took the children with him, the only income that the unemployed 41-year-old woman had were her retired mother’s pension.

Balfin Group, with the direct initiative of its President, Mr. Samir Mane, has fulfilled Silva’s desire to have a sewing machine, in order for her to practice her profession and win some money.
During the visit to Mrs. Silvana’s house, representatives of Balfin Group announced the continuous donations which will last for the next 3 years, in the form of a monthly pension of 15,000 ALL for her little son. This amount will be given to her family each month, converted into food through one of the Delvina town’s markets.

Balfin Group, as a business with high social responsibility, shows continued care for the community where it operates. Therefore, this initiative comes as part of the Balfin Fund’s donations, created with the special attention of Mr. Mane, in order to help the marginalized strata of our society.