December 14, 2017
Balfin Group continues long term cooperation and signs an agreement with “Fundjava Ndryshe” foundation to support families in need

Balfin Group and The Foundation “Fundjava Ndryshe” have signed today a cooperation agreement. Through the Balfin Fund, raised under the auspices of Mr. Mane, President of Balfin Group, this agreement aims to help families in need to improve the living conditions, providing a scholarship to TBU and returning values and importance of having an active life to this category of Albanian society, for families that will be identified and referred by “Fundjava Ndryshe”. The agreement was signed today by the President of the Balfin Group, Mr. Samir Mane, and the director of the Foundation Mr. Arbër Hajdari.

Balfin Group is determined to promote the highest social values and to demonstrate attention for the community where it operates. Balfin Group believes that the growth of a business should be accompanied with the community’s social development and growth, and therefore has valued the efforts and the work made by the Foundation “Fundjava Ndryshe”, by cooperating and collaborating with this foundation.