October 23, 2023
BALFIN Group dominates Tirana Marathon for the third consecutive year

BALFIN Group lead the charge and made a resounding mark for the third year in a row at the annual Tirana Marathon. BALFIN Runners, its employees’ social club that promotes a healthy lifestyle and supports social causes, has tripled its participation in Albania’s largest sports activity.

164 participants from BALFIN’s headquarters, ACREM, Balfin Real Estate, ACREM, Neptun, Jumbo, Mane TCI, Mane Development, SPAR Albania, Milsped, Stella Mare, Retail Park, and Tirana Bank stood out among +4,000 runners from different nations. From the Group, in the 10k category, two outstanding runners were the lead: Adrian Myftari, BALFIN, and Elirë Mançaj, Mane TCI. Meanwhile, Sasha Radenovic from Jumbo Montenegro and Megi Hadushi from BALFIN, were the fastest in the half-marathon category (21k).

Third time lead

The remarkable impact of BALFIN Group did not go unnoticed, as the Municipality of Tirana recognized their consistent participation. As the company with the largest number of runners in the Tirana Marathon, BALFIN Group was awarded a symbolic prize of EUR 500.

Beyond their success on the track, BALFIN Group demonstrated its commitment to community engagement by supporting the non-profit organization Down Syndrome Albania, which offers therapeutic services for children and adults with disabilities. “We want to give the award as the company with the largest participation to Down Syndrome Albania, the social cause for which 164 employees of BALFIN Group ran today,” said Gert Zenelaj, Digital and Brand Manager at BALFIN Group, and the founder of the BALFIN Runners Social Club.

The group’s participation in this noble cause underlines its dedication to making a positive impact beyond the business realm and contributing to the betterment of society.

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BALFIN Group’s three-year streak of participation at the Tirana Marathon not only showcases the company’s dedication to promoting fitness, but also its commitment to the community and social responsibility. With outstanding individual performances and recognition from the municipality, BALFIN Group proves itself to be a frontrunner in both the business world and the local community.