February 20, 2019
Balfin Group donates 2,500 books to the library of Mat municipality

The efforts of some Balfin Group employees, which began as their own initiative to donate books under the world initiative “Donate 1 Book, Win 1 Rose”, returned to a massive monthly campaign and successfully materialized in the town of Burrel a donation of 2,500 books for the library of the municipality of Mat.


The particularity of this initiative, is the fact that a part of the books were donated by the Group employees themselves.

A great contribution was made to the Balfin Group’s company, Net Trade, otherwise known as Dyqan Taxi, which through www.bukinist.al donated a considerable amount of these books. Certainly, in this meeting, roses were not missing.

Such initiatives will continue in the coming months and years by encouraging volunteering even in the ranks of the Group employees themselves.

Contribution to knowledge and to cultural life is not a sporadic initiative, but part of Balfin’s Social Responsibility Policy.

Some months ago, the library of the city of Lezha was enriched with over 1,700 new books, worth over 1.2 million ALL. This effort was realized thanks to the personal interest of the Group President, Mr. Samir Mane.

Also, TEG has in the past been part of the “Donate Your Book” initiative, undertaken on the eve of the beginning of the School’s New Year, so that the donated books would go in favor of young people who have no economic opportunity.

Balfin Group has been heavily involved in social responsibility over the last three years and the company has shown special attention to various categories of families or individuals in need. Under the special attention of the Group’s President Mr. Samir Mane, there are many sad stories that the group has tried to change for good.

Balfin Group’s contribution to the Albanian society will come progressively increasing year-by-year.