December 22, 2017
Balfin Group donates over 1700 books for the Lezha City Library and supports the incentive of mobile library in rural areas

Lezha City Library has been enriched with more than 1700 new book titles at a value worth 1.2 million lek. This effort has been made possible by Balfin Group with the special attention of Groups’s President Mr.Samir Mane. Mr. Mane has visited the library premises and was present during the donation of the books together with the well-known moderator Ardit Gjebrea and met with the director of this library, Mrs. Suela Bala who thanked him for this human gesture.

This humanitarian action has been as result public call by Mrs. Bala, who publicly in the “I Have a Message for You” show directed by ArditGjebrea, seeked help in providing books for children and readers, and Balfin responded to this call immediately.

Balfin Group highly values the potential and the invaluable power that knowledge and reading have for the development and emancipation of the Albanian society and has therefore is supporting the initiatives of the Lezha City Library. Balfin Group will continue to support such initiatives in the future.