September 14, 2017
Balfin Group expands its influence and marks its name in the real estate market in Austria

Balfin Group is one of the most successful and most important businesses in Albania and one of the most active Groups in South East Europe.
Balfin Group, is expanding its activity in Austria. Besides the wholesale of electronic and white goods from Austria to Eastern Europe and Balkans through Albatrade, the group has recently started into the real estate development market in Austria though the establishment of its newest company TH&B Immo GmbH. The acitivity of this company will be to develop new real estate developments, in the middle segment of the market for sale in Austria.

The Austrian real estate market is currently in a good shape and is also well prepared for the future. The trends in the Austrian property markets are quite impressive. We currently live in interesting times – poltically, economically and socially – which to some can be exciting and to others alarming. Property markets have followed this trend over the past year.
During the last years occupational demand for properties assets in Vienna/Austria remained continuously high. Optimism is also spreading for 2017 and an increased demand is expected.
As the Group is always on the implementation of innovative ideas, it is creating successful businesses but also offering the Albanian and regional markets a solid benchmark to be followed. Today, Balfin Group is also considered one of the few Albanian businesses that have managed to be successful and competitive even outside the country.