February 20, 2018
Balfin Group invests 3mln € in the construction of 110/10 KV Electric Substation in Elbasan

Balfin Group, through Albanian Energy Supplier, has successfully realized the largest investment in the field of transmission and trading of energy.

The construction of the 110/10 KV Electric Substation in Elbasan is an investment that reaches the figure of 3,000,000 €. This very complex work, the first of its kind related to the Balfin Group’s investment nature so far, was realized in a record period of 9 months, managed successfully by the Business Development & Project Management Department of Balfin Group.

This substation with modern equipment guarantees the highest standards in its field and is of paramount importance as the direct and core beneficiary of this investment is AlbChrome, which benefits from a reduction of annual electricity costs of 600,000 Euros. This investment provides uninterrupted energy supply to the Ferrochrome Plant in Elbasan, creating the opportunity of purchasing electricity at competitive prices.

The Electric Substation and the installations are built in accordance with the technical requirements and standards of the Transmission System Operator. This new Substation is linked to the systematization of Scada / Ems monitoring and command and is part of Albania’s national transmission network.

Through this asset, taking into consideration the conditions of liberalization of the energy distribution market, Albanian Energy Supplier will be technologically and technically a key factor to enable the energy supply of various entities near the Bradashesh industrial zone in Elbasan, and is currently in the phase of concluding contracts with some of the largest companies nationwide.

Qualified AES staff is working intensively and now Albanian Energy Supplier is an important partner of the energy companies such as Ayen Energy Trading, Devoll Hydropower, Kurum International, etc. with which it has also signed long-term cooperation agreements.