July 22, 2015
Balfin Group invests over 300.000 m2 construction surface in elite tourism in Albania

Balfin Group, the biggest investment group in Albania and the strongest in Balkan is distinguished for large investments in construction field. This group started the activity in the field of construction in the early of 2000, firstly by focusing in the construction of residential and commercial areas in Albania. From this activity, successfully are built almost 200.000 m2 construction surface which includes high quality buildings and elite services, but at the same time affordable to citizens.

Based on this success, the Group expanded its activity in the construction of Commercial and Industrial areas. 355,000 are the square meters built by this Group in this field establishing with an unquestioned success the construction of the biggest commercial centers ( TEG over 95,000 m2 and QTU), the biggest commercial center in Skopje with Skopje City Mall 93,000 m2, the only logistic park (Tirana Logistic Park with over 45,000 m2), mines over 15,000 m2, etc. Moreover, Balfin Group has invested over 10,000 m2 in green surface ( agricultural area) with the development and construction plan 5 times bigger than the existing one.

But the innovation of investments is the Tourism. Based on the success in construction in all fields by keeping high standards, the year 2015 finds Balfin Group concentrated in investments in constructions with tourism purposes, especially in the elite and luxury. Over 305,000 m2 surface is being built from this Group which is focused in two of the most elite areas in Albania, such as Gjiri i Lalzit and Palasa. Gjiri i Lalzit includes a construction area of 250,000 m2 comprising the complexes Lalzi Bay and Lalzi by the Sea Luxury Villas. In Palasa, Balfin Group has started to construct a Luxury Resort in 45,000 m2 with a style and quality never known before in Albania. Placed in one of the most beautiful locations of the south coast, where Jon and Adriatic sea are meet and are divided at the same time, this Resort is comprised by elite villas, individual villas, double villas, a luxury hotel in the center of the Resort, and also many other facilities. Balfin Group aims to focus in the future more in tourism construction, especially in that of elite, as in every field of investments, offering quality, international standards, comfort and security.