October 7, 2021
BALFIN Group participates in the Youth Festival 2021

BALFIN Group participated in the Youth Festival 2021 “ACT4IMPACT” organized by World Vision Albania (WVA) in partnership with the Regional Office for Youth Cooperation (RYCO). BALFIN was represented by the HR Director, Elvin Nosi, who was a key speaker

A bouquet of opportunities for socio-economic development of young people in the Western Balkans was the topic that gathered local and central government officials, businesses, and representatives of youth and cooperation organizations from the region and beyond.

“ACT4IMPACT” aimed to promote a range of opportunities and projects on innovation, entrepreneurship among youth, challenges, and opportunities for sustainable employment for young people. Ultimately, the festival acted as a facilitator of between young people, policymakers, and key actors working with and for the youth, to foster innovation and employment opportunities.

The event featured a fair with entrepreneurial ideas and a panel on policies focusing on youth innovation and employability, and strategic support for youth issues. Elvin Nosi answered questions from students concerning top skills, market trends, youth employability and the initiatives BALFIN Group is taking to its support.

“At BALFIN Group, we precisely seek the features we witnessed in your presentations today – communication skills, a positive approach, energy, proactivity, initiative – a mix of these would make our ideal young candidate,” he said when asked by students on top skills acquired by BALFIN Group in youth recruitment. “To contribute to the socio-economic empowerment of the youth, we are supporting B4Students, a dynamic program dedicated to students, through grants and mentoring for business ideas, internships and employment. Further on, BALFIN Group is supporting public university infrastructure. We have set clear objectives to all group companies regarding youth employment. I strongly believe businesses cannot succeed without young people – their ideas and energy,” Elvin Nosi concluded.

The B4Students program, powered by the BALFIN Group, was introduced to the public in May this year. The program has 4 main components, the Business Ideas Entrepreneurship Competition and the Business Challenge Competition; Social Clubs, Professional Internships and Employment, as well as Investments in the Infrastructure of Public Higher Education Institutions in Albania.

So far, this project has announced winning business ideas, that have gained support in mentoring and grants for their implementation, as well as enabled professional internships for 100 students in over 10 Group companies in Albania, where 50 of them are expected to be employed upon completion.

Based on data over the years, over 32% of interns are employed by BALFIN Group companies during or after their professional internships, and over 98% of them would recommend Group companies to other students.