October 22, 2019
Balfin Group’s contribution / 452 thousand euros to support communities in Albania

The Balfin Group pays special attention to social responsibility, to be closer to the communities and people in need and under the special care of the Group’s own president, Mr. Samir Mane implements a coordinated strategy for all Balfin companies, not only in Albania, but also in other countries where the Group operates.

Only during 2018, Balfin contributed to Albania helping society with a solidarity fund of more than € 452,000, for various causes, reaching out to vulnerable communities. Of this amount over € 250,000 have gone to tens of families in extreme poverty, starting with the construction or rebuilding of their homes, providing food and financial assistance.

The reminder of the fund has gone to the benefit of the education, welfare and well-being of children, the environment and so on. Of this fund, € 70,000 had been allocated from the Balfin Group to the “Fundjavë Ndryshe” NGO, while the rest of the fund has benefited communities through numerous international and local organizations, such as Vision NGO, Down syndrome Albania, World Vision, UNPD, Partner Albania and others.

Also for many years, Balfin supports with his fund many children with autism spectrum disorders.

The Balfin Group is one of the few Albanian businesses to focus on sustainable development in the communities it operates, adhering to the SGDs, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, for which the Group has developed a genuine action plan following the steps of many international companies.

Based on these objectives, Balfin has embraced 6 of them, through which he focuses attention on community problems in education, the well-being of children, families in need and the environment.
The contribution and value allocated to the needs of the community has been increasing year by year, thanks to Mr. Mane’s increased attention and will continue to recognize progressive growth so that even the lowborn and unfortunate will not feel unsupported.
During 2018, the Balfin Group built and furnished 3 new homes for 3 families in extreme poverty, with a total value of around € 100,000 and continued with their monthly contribution with food for around 50 families in need, scattered throughout the country.
Thanks to this, the Shira family in Bulqiza and the Sorra and Shima families in Kashar, Tirana, well known to the public, live in much better and dignified conditions.
Balfin is committed to promoting the highest social values ​​and caring for the community and environment. The group believes that growth of a business should be coupled with the economic and social development and growth of the community in which it operates. Group societies are not just about providing jobs to local communities, but striving to create a positive impact on family life.