November 19, 2018
Balfin Group’s president Mr.Samir Mane meet with TBU students

On November 15th 2018, Tirana Business University (TBU) students had the pleasure to converse with Mr. Samir Mane, the President of Balfin Group (partner and investor of TBU).

With simplicity and practicality, Mr. Mane for a full 2-hour time, had a conversation with the students about the topics of their interest, regarding the successful model of doing business and the vision that characterize Balfin Group. In focus were the Group’s key achievements, future projects, personal qualities and professional skills that need to be demonstrated by Balfin’s employees, career development opportunities, personal details, favorite books, and the family.

“You are mine and Balfin’s favorite, in terms of employment in our Group companies, though, as an entrepreneur, I would incite you to think about your own business. From Balfin Group you will find maximum support for any decision you take: internships, employment or entrepreneurial initiatives. Since its beginnings, Balfin has approached with a vision and mindset open to ideas and has created international ‘bridges’, so today in our companies there is a huge family with the best experts from all over the world. In these auditoriums, where you gain knowledge, you too must be open to embrace new ideas, new trends, new internships, and up-to-date professional skills. Only in this way you will be ready to face the challenges that awaits you in your lives and lead not only yourselves to success, but also your family, your city, your country, making us proud of you with every contribution you make with your work in the future “, were some of Mr. Mane’s words addressed to students.

At the end of the meeting, the Group’s president thanked students for their hospitality and addressed questions, also expressing his desire for continued participation in such other meetings.