January 3, 2018
Balfin Group supports families in flooded areas, with household appliances and food products

Balfin Group has responded to Top Channel’s call for being part of the coordinating task force of the emergency aid collection process of families who were injured during the recent floods in various areas of Albania. Part of the Task Force are Balfin Group, Top Channel, Tirana City Hall and Telekom Albania, which have called on the public to contribute any kind of assistance to these families. In this process, Balfin Group through its companies, Neptun and SPAR has provided a major contribution enabling the provision of a portion of families affected, with households with BEKO refrigerators, washing machines, while SPAR has offered tons of food and drinks.

The process is coordinated by the Civil Emergency Office and these families have been selected by representatives of this institution.
Balfin Group highly appreciates the fact that a successful business needs a healthy society and community and the possibility of basic living conditions. That is why Balfin Group has become part of this initiative and initiating its contribution to ease the situation of the residents of these areas.