May 14, 2019
Balfin Group supports for a year the contemporary “ME WE” art center in Korça

Balfin Group, through Spar Albania, has recently supported the contemporary “ME WE” art center, opened in the Korça’s city bazaar, a setting where different artists can use the space to present their work. This is not just for artists from Albania but also for foreigners who will be part of its activity.

The head of this art center in Korça, Ardian Isufi, says that “ME WE” has in its optics, an art platform that is very related to communication and dialogue, with the latest trends in contemporary art, and the promoting of good values, considering and analyzing specific topics that are very tangible to our society.

The center will have activities thorough a year that will generally bring about phenomena that are mentioned little or not at all in Albania. The first exhibition that was opened in this art center in Korça town cured by Ardian Isufi and Altin Lika is the one entitled “Game over … restart”. As its co-curator to the exhibition Ardian Isufi shows that the pieces are done by American and Albanian artists. Harri Aleksi, Ervin Bërxolli, Bryan Christie, Graham Day Guerra, Yllka Gjollesha, Florian Haxhihyseni, Alkan Nallbani, Nevon Oats are also present with their work at the exhibition.

Isufi said that for artists like him, it is very important to collaborate with partners like the Balfin Group, which has enabled the implementation of this art center for a whole year.

In the first exhibition there has been a collaboration between Albanian and American artists who presented their projects, creating very interesting parallels between the metropolis of New York and a very interesting and cultural city like Korça. Being in such a situation of exchanging ideas, where from a local and global situation in this center step by step multidimensional works will be brought and in it the art will also serve as a contribution to one of the least recognizable genres in Albania, that related to sound art.

Balfin Group has made some important contributions to culture and knowledge in the country over the last few years, including the donation of over 1,700 books to the Lezha City Library, or the “Donate Your Book” initiative, where at the TEG shopping center many books were collected for children in need.

Also, the Group has supported the development of Etno Vibe Museum for the first time in Tirana as well as the “Za Festival”.

Over the last two years, Balfin has been a proponent of theater activities and plays, enabling tickets for employees from any Group company.