October 17, 2019
Balfin Group supports Tirana’s Marathon for the fourth year

For the fourth year in a row, The Balfin Group participated at the Tirana Marathon, where a considerable number of its employees supported the initiative by competing.

In this fourth edition, the marathon has welcomed around 2,500 runners, Albanians and foreigners, different professionals of all sectors as well as ordinary citizens, who competed in three different categories; “Tirana 10K”, “Wee too” and the “Half-Marathon”.

Sunday morning of October 13th, 2019, found the capital’s streets filled with contestants, departing from Skanderbeg Square, including Balfins’, Mane TCI and Tirana Bank, which could not miss the event.

Tirana Bank was one of the sponsors of this marathon. In addition to being the only bank sponsor of the marathon, the competitors were provided with free water in every point set for this purpose, under their motivational message “For Sport, For Life”.

In support of its corporate campaign, with leading the female figure, Tirana Bank donated to the winner in the women’s category, Ms. Christine Moraa Oigo from Kenya, trophy and first prize of € 2,500, racing in 21 km.

Tirana Bank itself and Mane TCI were represented by teams of employees, supported by the presence of colleagues during the joint competition, completed by all within the two-hour time limit, finalized with a symbolic medal. Mane TCI employees were committed to achieving motivational as well as competitive results with each other thereby furthering their engagement with sports.

This initiative, which fosters both challenge and support, is not the first with this impact on society. Earlier during this year, Tirana Bank volunteered with its staff to clean the place, to green the city and other initiatives of the same spirit.

Embracing this event in large numbers by Balfin employees, such as Mane TCI and Tirana Bank, once again highlighted the commitment to social activities and focus on a healthy living.