December 24, 2018
Balfin Group under the special care of President Samir Mane helps Nipolli family in Peqin, Monthly contribution for food and energy facilitates problems for 3 little ones and their parents

After the broadcasting on ‘Fiks Fare’ TV-show of the Nipolli Family’s case in the village of Çengelaj, Peqin, through the Balfin Fund, under the special care of Mr. Samir Mane, Balfin Group decided to immediately come in help.


The denounced case at Fiks Fare’s broadcast was about Nipolli family, a family of two parents and three children living in extreme poverty, and for five years the electricity was cut off because they were not able to pay for it.

After contacting Fiks Fare’s journalists, Balfin Group immediately came in help and with President Mane’s initiative, all of households’ carry-overs to the state mainly on energy bill, with a worth of about 100.000 ALL, were settled, also the pay back of the arrears that this family has towards the grocery stores in the area. In the next two years a monthly contribution of 15.000 ALL will be allocated, which will be used for food products and energy bills. The only condition will be that this money is not used for tobacco and alcoholic beverages.

Balfin Group’s representatives provided the family with numerous food and toys for the children, from SPAR and Jumbo stores, as it was Mr Mane’s wish for such thing to happen as soon as possible, so that the Nipolli family felt as much warmth as possible on the eve of holidays and to celebrate the New Year like all other families.

To concretize this process, in front of Top Channel cameras, an agreement with KESH offices and a licensed trade entity in the area were signed.

Balfin Group thanks “Fiks Fare” for the noble task of identifying these cases and giving the Group the opportunity to contribute into improving these situations.