October 1, 2021
BALFIN HQ goes on an adventure

The staff of BALFIN Headquarters, together with the IT and Archive Departments, went on their annual staff retreat on 24-25 September, in a tour of the northern alps of Albania and the southern highlands of Montenegro.

The trip featured the extraordinary views of Tamarë, Lëpushë, Vermosh, Plav, Guci and Vuthaj, small but beautiful villages on both sides of the Albanian – Montenegrin border. BALFIN’s travelers stopped at the panoramic balcony famously known as “Leqet e Hotit”, visited Cemi’s well in Tamarë and the Springs of Ali Pashë Guci, hiked to Lëpushë’s waterfall, and the Blue Eye of Skafkac in the heart of the Alps. A festive night with music and games sealed the deal. In good company and spirits, the team enjoyed an adventure like no other.

BALFIN Group values employee interaction in the workplace and beyond, which adds value to productivity in the office, but most importantly, contributes to the wellbeing of staff through shared interests and solid friendships.

Special thanks go to some of our colleagues that stayed in the office on Friday to cover and finish important work!