September 18, 2023
Balfin Innovation Summit: The 5th Edition Brings Novelties in Marketing, Banking & Financial Markets

Five ideas from BALFIN Group employees were presented at the finale of the 5th edition of Balfin Innovation Summit. The internal culture of innovation at BALFIN Group companies naturally leads to the stimulation of new ideas. This activity is the meeting point with the leaders who can give life to each of the bold projects.

Innovating towards Success

The President of the Group, Samir Mane, in his welcoming speech, confirmed to the participants that new ideas are what have brought BALFIN success in these 30 years. “The innovations that await us in the future are what push us forward. I wish success to all contestants. The real winner remains BALFIN Group for having you innovators among us.”

The jury composed of Matilda Shehu, Chief Transformation Officer, Ervin Kajno, Chief Projects Officer, and Ivan Pribićević, CEO of Simplify, ranked BPZ Investment Services by Krisian Zavalani as the most innovative idea of this 5th edition. This proposal resulted to be the innovative idea with the greatest impact that returns value in the shortest time.

Edlira Muka, CEO of BALFIN Group, expressed her optimism about the quality of the products and services proposed by the employees. “Small steps bring big changes. We are privileged to work in an environment where all of us can make a difference, for the colleague next to us, for the customers we are serving, for our business partners.”

Edlira Muka, CEO of BALFIN Group at Balfin Innovation Summit 2023

Innovation in Marketing, Banking & Financial Markets

In addition to the winning project idea, which proposes the possibility of liquidity investments in financial markets, other projects that were qualified and presented at the final event were:

“Creating Tirana’s Card Power Platform” that offers payments via smart-phone;
“Influencia⚡️” a technological marketing platform that helps businesses build the right partnerships with influencers;
“Transforming Tirana Bank – Your Fast Track to Funds“, proposed a new digital solution for accelerated borrowing at Tirana Bank;
“Happy Pay“, a project-idea that combines the Happy program with a digital wallet, facilitating and digitalizing payments.

The authors were teams and individuals from BALFIN Group’s headquarters, Tirana Bank, OnSolutions, and KidZone.

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Since 2019, Balfin Innovation Summit is an annual tradition that invites all BALFIN Group employees to propose new solutions or start-up companies. The program is based on one of the values of BALFIN Group, namely innovation, where the influence of employees on the performance of companies reaches its peak with projects that overcome current problems and even create new business models. Now this organization symbolizes the combination of 30 years of professional experience and innovation as a fundamental value of BALFIN Group.