July 8, 2022
Balfin Real Estate Forum, an overview of the Group’s activities and a new standard in the industry

BALFIN Group organized the first edition of Balfin Real Estate Forum yesterday in Tirana. The forum brought together representatives of the Management Board, executives and professionals from Balfin Real Estate & Hospitality, Mane TCI, Green Coast, and Tirana Bank, as part of the ecosystem in financing, to discuss the group’s achievements in real estate, challenges, and trends of the industry.

The event was moderated by Dr. Esmir Demaj, Head of Business Administration’s Department at Epoka University. BALFIN Group’s Real Estate Vice President, Ardiana Sokoli, presented “Real Estate as Envisioned by BALFIN Group”, an overview of the timeline, achievements, and strategy in the industry, followed by Vice President and Director of Corporate Projects, Ervin Kajno, who lectured the audience on “How to Launch, Lead and Sponsor in Real Estate”. The Group’s CEO, Edlira Muka, was also present in the forum, actively participating in the roundtable discussion sessions.

Other topics addressed real estate challenges today, market trends and key indicators. It also featured presentations from Deloitte Albania, which had conducted a market research on the field, and Idra Research & Consulting, that shared their insights on leveraging research to maximum advantage in real estate. Antony Slumbers, a UK-based Technology and Real Estate Advisor, presented for the audience the “10 Things that Matter in the Future of Real Estate”. In his opening remark, the expert praised BALFIN Group for the high representation of women in the real estate industry specifically, which he cited as “uncommon, but definitely a key determinant in positive outcomes”.

An important part were the roundtable discussions and Q&As with the audience following each presentation, which made the forum more interactive altogether, involving different actors and perspectives.

In the framework of its rigorous focus on real estate across Albania, Austria, Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Switzerland, BALFIN Group set up this interactive initiative that will undoubtedly turn into a tradition and expand in participation, reach, and results in future editions. Similar practices have been implemented with the Group’s retail companies, too, demonstrating BALFIN’s approach on further development and the application of the best international practices.