July 30, 2021
BALFIN Retail Forum, a step forward in the retail industry

BALFIN Group organized today in Tirana the first edition of BALFIN Retail Forum. The forum brought together executives and managers from SPAR, FGA, OnSolutions, Jumbo and Neptun, from Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia, to discuss consumer trends, digitalization and the future of retail. The event was moderated by Julia Goga-Cooke, trainer in entrepreneurship, innovation and interpersonal skills. Retail Vice President, Julian Mane, was also present.

The forum was greeted by the Group CEO, Edlira Muka, “At BALFIN Group, we believe digital disruption will take place faster than expected, that’s why we thought it was time to organize this forum, to exchange ideas, experiences and achievements. Thank you for participating. Together we will embark on new projects,” she said in her speech.

The forum sections addressed retail challenges today, a key topic for the industry worldwide following the new normal since the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath. The digital age of retail and trends in consumer behavior were the theme of the forum. Leons Tuda, Financial Services Manager at BALFIN Group, presented the projections and results of a detailed study in the region regarding retail development. An important part was the discussion and presentation of applicable innovative industry ideas by the participants of the sales companies themselves. Through a live connection, British expert Jack Stratten, lectured on innovation and inspiring visions for the future of retail and strategies.

With the motto ‘New trends, new ideas, new technologies’, BALFIN Group sets up an interactive initiative that will undoubtedly turn to a tradition and expand in participation, reach and results in future editions. As one of our core values, innovation is an integral part of the company’s activity, which through similar initiatives invites ideas that challenge conventional views and promote innovation.

BALFIN Group is a pioneer in creating retail chains by offering customers quality brands and products at the best prices. Throughout these years, we have demonstrated our capacity to manage and grow the retail sector in the Western Balkans. Today, thanks to the synergy of innovation and human resources, BALFIN Group is one of the most influential groups in the retail industry operating in Albania, Kosovo, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.