September 21, 2022
Balfin Retail Forum’s 2nd edition sets forth the industry’s future

BALFIN Group organized the second edition of Balfin Retail Forum yesterday in Tirana. The forum brought together executives and managers from SPAR Albania, FGA, OnSolutions, Elektro-servis, ACREM, Tirana Bank, Skopje East Gate, KidZone, the official franchise operator of Jumbo, and Neptun, from Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as board members and distinguished guest speakers to discuss consumer trends and the future of retail.

The forum was greeted by the Vice President of Retail at BALFIN Group, Julian Mane. “We are here today to find the answer to some very important questions, such as, what will our retail companies and shopping malls look like in 10 years; what novelties and experiences will they introduce to the market and customers in future,” he said in his speech with regards to the Group’s strategy and achievements in the retail sector.

The forum, moderated by Scan TV anchor Brenton Kotorri, addressed present and anticipated retail challenges and trends, with the participation of special guest speakers and renowned consulting agencies. Martin Newman, a globally renowned keynote speaker, columnist, author, expert, and advisor on customer-centric transformation based in UK, presented the audience with the strategy of winning empowered consumers. Dimitris Lolis was another guest speaker, with 35 years of experience in management and consultancy, marketing and sales in several Greek and multinational companies, whose lecture focused on improving retail operations amidst trying times, with reference to recent global developments.

The event also featured presentations from Deloitte Albania and IDRA Research & Consulting on global retail indicators and trends, and social shopping.

The forum was conceived as an interactive event with roundtable discussions and Q&As following each presentation, involving different actors and perspectives of retail.

Balfin Retail Forum, a BALFIN Group initiative, takes place for the second consecutive year, in the framework of strengthening the group’s position as a pioneer in of the industry. The forum’s ultimate goal is to explore retail trends, improve operations, and utilize synergies and innovations. Similar practices have been recently implemented with the Group’s real estate companies, too, demonstrating BALFIN’s approach to further development and the application of the best international practices