October 18, 2021
BALFIN Runners, the largest participating organization, excels in Tirana Marathon

BALFIN Runners, one of BALFIN Group’s social clubs, participated in Tirana Marathon 2021, the biggest sports event in Albania. The fifth edition of Tirana Marathon, held on October 17, enlisted approximately 2,500 runners from all over the world, who ran the 10k race, Half Marathon and Marathon across the city’s most attractive sites. BALFIN Group was distinguished as the organization with the largest number of participants, an award which is going to charity to fulfill the bigger mission of its social clubs: creating social impact in the community.

More than 60 employees from all group companies responded to the call of BALFIN Runners to participate in different categories of the marathon, representing BALFIN Group and own companies. The participants underwent training for 3 weeks by the organizers, prior to running the races with colleagues. The sight of unison in the track field was hard to miss thanks to the branded t-shirts. Following the races, an event celebrated the efforts, dedication, and achievement of every runner.

“We were pleased to see so many running enthusiasts join us in the marathon, and even happier that everyone completed the race of their choice. Courage, effort, team spirit and determination are the real prize and the reason why ‘BALFIN Runners’ was founded. This was just another challenge tackled successfully, and next year we hope to see even more participation,” said Gert Zenelaj, one of the founders of BALFIN Runners Social Club.

The Municipality of Tirana awarded BALFIN Group with a prize of EUR 500 for being the organization with the largest number of participants. The price was delivered to BALFIN Runners’ representatives, who declared that the funds will be donated to charity on a cause of the members’ choice.

BALFIN Group is proud to support BALFIN Runners, an organized club of track enthusiasts who run to promote a healthy, active lifestyle, and provide support for social causes.