October 24, 2022
Balfin Runners, the organization with the largest participation in the Tirana Marathon for the second year in a row

101 employees of BALFIN Group and at the same time members of its Balfin Runners social club, participated in the Tirana Marathon 2022, the biggest sports event in Albania. The sixth edition of the Tirana Marathon, held on October 23, registered over 5,000 runners from all over the world, who ran the 10k race, the Half Marathon, and the Marathon through the city’s most attractive locations.

For the second year in a row, BALFIN Group stood out as the organization with the largest number of participants.

A total of 101 employees from all Group companies answered the call of Balfin Runners to participate in different categories of the marathon, representing BALFIN Group and their own companies. The look of the united team on the running track was easily recognizable thanks to the branded BALFIN T-shirts. Among the participants, Flogert Neziri from Balfin Real Estate & Hospitality and Inirda Hoxallari from BALFIN, as well as Gresa Hodo from SPAR Albania and Gert Zenelaj from BALFIN were the leading runners respectively in the 10k race and the Half Marathon, who received gifts from Fashion Group Albania.

After the races, a celebratory gathering took place that celebrated the efforts, dedication, and achievements of each runner.

“It was a special pleasure to see more runners join us on this year’s marathon, all of whom completed their chosen race. Balfin Runners has fostered team spirit amongst colleagues, and this makes us incredibly proud. We are confident that next year we will have more colleagues in the team, who will join us to promote the sport of running and support social causes,” said Gert Zenelaj, one of the founders of the Balfin Runners Social Club.

BALFIN Group is proud to support Balfin Runners, an organized club of employees who run to promote an active and healthy lifestyle, and to support social causes.